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Walkerswood Caribbean Foods uses fresh Jamaican-grown herbs, spices and fruits, to expertly create an extensive range of delicious, authentic Jamaican Jerk Seasonings and Sauces, Hot and Savoury Sauces, Condiments and other general use seasonings renowned around the world for their consistent quality.

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Green seasoning is a Caribbean tradition and a Jamaican favourite. Walkerswood Mix & Blenda Seasoning is a mix of fresh Jamaican produce blended into the perfect all-purpose seasoning that will infuse flavor into any savoury dish. Best rubbed onto your favourite meats, seafood or vegetables a few hours before cooking.

NEW - Walkerswood Jamaican Browning

A dashg of walkerswood Browning adds a rich, dark colour to your favourite dish, with a deep, sweet, caramel flavour. Walkerswood Browning is perfect for both savoury and sweet applications.

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Jamaican cuisine is among the most spicy & delectable cuisine that is known to the Western World. Come and explore some of our most popular recipes which have all been tried and tested in our very own kitchen.

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