Product Reviews

oh buddy, this jerk seasoning (hot and spicy) is EFFING AMAZING!!!!! dont EVER stop making this stuff cause the taste, flavour and heat level are all perfect. made carribean jerk hot wings on sunday, taste so good that i made it again 2 other times this week 🙂

By: Daniel Willman

I just tasted the MILD Jerk Seasoning on chicken and it was the best. I know for a fact that people will want more of this product!”

By: Garrison Simpson

I am a huge fan of the jerk seasoning. It seemed like the older I got, I had to monitor my habit of spicy foods. And now that you have the Mild I tried it, love it, and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I\'m not loosing any of the flavor.”

By: Kim

I just wanted to say that I purchased and tried your Jerk Seasoning for the first time today. I added it to some veggie patties and shrimp patties that I made and they are truly the real deal because of your seasoning. The taste is amazing and the aroma is fantastic! I\'m an american girl born in the south but your seasoning makes me feel like I may have some Jamaican roots. :o) Continue producing awesome products you have a new consumer for life. Peace

By: Rodnee

“I love all the Walkerswood products, but this is one of the hardest to find. It takes barbeque to an all new level !”

By: John Spear

This hot sauce gets a lot of respect mon! You feel the heat and has a distinct and flavorful taste. But the great thing about this hot sauce is that it has a lot of heat but is easily "put out". If you like hot sauce but not the lingering "hot burning sensation" then this is for you!

By: Johnny, USA

“I’ve been a fan of hot sauce for 30 years, but have at last found a sauce I intend to buy until they stop making it, or I die. Jonkanoo - Serioulsy Hot Jamaican, the best ever as far as I’m concerned.”

By: Shaman aka Ray G

“Utterly addictive brown sauce with attitude. Not hot but a distinctive kick to brown sauce. Can’t eat sausages without it.”

By: Hypercat (chilli world -

"The Scotch Bonnet is the best hot sauce on eggs. I gave up long ago trying to find a comparable combination of spice and flavor. We will always keep a supply. It is purely the best!"

By: Tony West

“Super tasty! Cannot get enough of this sauce. Carry a bottle in my car! I use a quarter to a third of a bottle on scrambled eggs and omelets. Great flavor and plenty of heat. More sophisticated than its cousin the habanero. My first pick in hot sauce!”

By: Scotty T

"I just had to tell you guys, I believe I've just had the best chicken of my life! On a whim, I picked up the jerk marinade to grill some chicken on a great spring like Kentucky evening. I'm in awe of the flavor of this sauce! You've got a customer for life. Thanks for a great product!"

By: Todd white

"Best Jerk marinade there is, hands down!"

By: Jon Jones

“I am addicted to this marinade - to the point of ordering in bulk. Perfect blend of spices and allows you to determine how hot you want it to be based on how long you marinate and the amount of marinade left on the meat. It’s made my nose run but in a good way. I go out of my way to get this particular brand. Grocery store brands are poor representations. The only alternative is homemade or Busha Brownes. Fantastic with mango salsa, fresh tomatoes and rice and peas.”

By: B. Fenton

Marinated a rack of baby back ribs for July 4th for 24 hours...smoked them in the morning into the early afternoon...let me tell you that they were the best ribs I have ever had...My friends and I are sold on your marinade! Thank you for the great product, We found it at the World Market in Raleigh, NC

By : Bob Dow

It is absolutely the best Jerk Seasoning you can buy. I bought my first jar 23 years ago in Jamaica, and I still enjoy that same great taste today. Thanks for such an authentic taste of Jamaica.

By: Jim Efstratios
Southern California

Over 20 years ago when I visited Negril and had Jerk chicken \"Road Side\" for the first time in my life I was hooked! When I got home I researched Jerk seasoning and found Walkerswood Jerk. I have been an addicted user since then, and I have turned many of my friends on to Jerk also. We love it. The best ever!!!!!!!!

By: Kent
Rosendale, WI USA

I've been using the Traditional Jerk Seasoning for ten years, and have never found or made one better! Try mixing it with fresh lime juice and olive oil before using it as a marinade. Yah Mon!

By: Rob

“By mixing this with a little olive oil and smearing it over the chicken, it provides a spicy, easy to grill (no / low sugar, hence, not blackened) chicken.”

By: Jon Bradley “Dr. Wombat”

“This is the closest thing to being in Jamaica. Even the Jamaicans I know in Ohio use Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning. This is definitely the best I have ever had. I highly recommend it!”

By: Mouth on Fire “jerk lover”

This Jerk is perfect for chicken, but I like to make a dirty rice dish with it as well.

By: A.J.

This rub is a perfect compliment for pork ribs and roasts. Also excellent for beer can chicken.

By: J.C. Kwak

This is the BEST seasoning for marinating quality skirt steak. if any one wants my secret recipe just e-mail me at

By: Peter Costello

Totally Awesome a kitchen shouldnt be without it!

By: Missy

My favorite meal in the world is bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs with this seasoning, cooked on a charcoal grill.

By: PB

Soooo good. Walkerswood has the best jerk seasoning bar none!

By: Moni

It is absolutely wonderful. Delicious with chicken.

By: Hannah Pearson

Dos'ent Get any better than this,Excellent flavor with a bang.Chicken babyback ribs pork chops,I personaly go through about 3 cases per year i rate it a 11

By: mike Cortese

By far the best jerk seasoning/marinade. First try, and we are hooked. Best tasting chicken ever. Must try!

By: Dani

WalkersWood is Authentic jamaican rub. Bought it in jamaica and have been using it ever since. Fab!!

By: Kem

Been using Walkerswood for 20 years for my slow cooked 'DaBuss' style whole chicken slow grilled over olive and apple branches. Add dome cold Red Stripes and Irie mon.

By: Chris

Walkerswood is the most authentic jerk rub you will find.

By: Irene

Jerk Seasoning must be used at every cookout.

By: Kem

I tried this sauce on my chicken stewing it and invited a friend over for dinner he called to baby that was absolutely delicious, i think I'm in love. I said with me or the sauce. (SMILE)

By: jessica

I have tried all the Jerk Sauces on the Market and i can truly state with great integrity that WalkersWood is iniquely the best it\'s just absolutely amazing and it should be everyone\'s ultimate choice!!

By: Devon Simpsom
Dairy Discovey Bay, Jamaica WI.

“Las Lick's got the fruity flavour of HP sauce with a slightly jerked flavour. Not something i'd use as a marinade, but spot on as a condiment with your morning fry up.”

By: BaldheadGrowler

"I've been using Walkers Wood products for about fifteen years and I'm completely happy with all your sauces. I also recommend your jerk sauce to all my friends and family and they always thank me. Your products are truly authentic and brings out that true Jamaican jerk flavour. Please keep up the great work your customers certainly appreciate it. One Love from Canada."

By: Suzanne Thomas

Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk sauce is the best, nothing compares to Walkers Woods. I have visited Jamaica several times and Have enjoyed the hospitality we receive every time we go. The food is wonderful, Jamaican People are very friendly,and of course the beautiful Sunny Weather. Thank you for your product and the wonderful memories every time I use it.

By: Andrena Lusty

This is the best Solomon Gundy. There is no other substitute . It is either Walkerswood or nothing for me.

By: suzanne

Thank you for restocking my local grocer with the delectable Solomon Gundy. I passed up on the other substitutes on the shelf and waited patiently for Walkerswood and to my surprise there it was one day on the shelf. I almost bought the entire shelf but I thought let someone else enjoy it too! Keep up the excellent work!

By: Erica Davis

I first tasted your WALKERSWOOD ORANGE MARMALADE while in the Peace Corps in Jamaica. It is a taste never to be forgotten. Now whenever I, or a friend, visits Jamaica I bring some back. Every taste brings back the wonderful memories of morning in Jamaica. Thank you Walkerswood for never changing your recipe.

By: Jack Cooper

I tried your guava jam and oh my god, the flavour is out of this world. I couldn't stop tasting and tasting it's so smooth, really, really great. Thumbs up.

By: Janice Davis Kingston, Jamaica

Real Jerk comes from Jamaica