Gone Totally Bananas Jerk BBQ Ribs


Jerk BBQ Ribs



  • Rub ribs with Jerk Seasoning and olive oil, allow to marinate for 1 hour (preferably overnight)
  • Wrap ribs in aluminum foil and cook over in-direct heat (325°f) on your BBQ for 1 1/2 - 2 hours until the meat is tender
  • Gone Totally Bananas Jerk BBQ Sauce - take ripe banana and crush into a paste using a morter and pestle, combine with Jerk BBQ Sauce.
  • Remove ribs from foil and cover with banana Jerk BBQ Sauce and allow to cook over direct heat (375°f) for additional 10 minutes to allow sauce to caramelize.

Note: We use ripe Jamaican bananas as the base for our unique Walkerswood Jerk BBQ Sauce!

Walkerswood Hot & Spicy Jerk Seasoning AND  Jerk BBQ Sauce

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