Jerk Turkey


1- 14 lb Turkey
1 jar Mild Jerk Seasoning (or hot seasoning)


  • Clean and dry the turkey
  • Add the jerk seasoning by putting it
    under the skin of the turkey make sure to rub it all over even on the
  • let it set in the fridge for 2 to 3 days the longer the better
  • on thanksgiving morning lite the grill placing the coals in a circle around
    the inside of the grill leaving the middle clear off any coals (indirect
  • When the coals are ready (turn white) place the turkey in the middle
    and let it roast checking every two hours
  • you might need to add more coals during the cooking time as needed. depending on how big your turkey is the longer it takes to cook at least 6 hours but when you finish its the best
    thing you ever ate

Recipe Courtesy of : Amanda Hayes, School Ave Dundalk

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