Monthly Newsletter April 14, 2011  
   Tribute to Our Farmers 
   Jamaica boasts a
   rich Agricultural
   heritage with  
   of our native  
   offerings being...  
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   Featured Product
Sorrel Chutney
Is made from the petals of the exotic Sorrel flower and blended with Jamaican Scotch Bonnet pepper... 
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   Featured Recipe
   Flash Grilled Jerk Chicken with Spicy 
   Sorrel Relish
Rub in Jerk seasoning and leave to marinate...   
    Featured Farmer    
    Hopeton is 50     
    years old and     
    has been 
    farming for 22 
    years in 
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   Featured Product
Calypso Chutney
Is a beautiful blend of fresh Jamaican Papaya and "Tommy Atkins" Mangoes, onions...

  Featured Recipe
  Jerk Duck
When time is
short and you
need your flavor
to penetrate your meats fast, this makes a tasty
meal ... 
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