'Seasons' Greetings from Walkerswood

December 16, 2010 9:41 AM

Good news, foodies: if you're a jerk lover but not into the extra-spicy flavour, we're happy to report that Walkerswood introduced its mild jerk seasoning product onto shelves earlier this month.


I'LL HAVE SOME OF THAT. Member of Parliament for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna, tries out some of the Walkerswood sauces at the company's Christmas social at Pimento Porch Clubhouse in Walkerswood, St Ann.

Catching up with Thursday Food at his company's Christmas social last weekend in the cool climes of Walkerswood, St Ann, Group Marketing Director of Associated Manufacturers Limited (AML), Sean Garbutt, shares that the new-to-the-market seasoning "was created for the consumers both locally and overseas who have always wanted to enjoy our jerk seasoning, but find the heat level of our traditional Hot & Spicy formula challenging. As such we had to carefully temper the Scotch bonnets then complement the existing flavours so as to still have our classic jerk profile".


JERK IT! Tasty jerk chicken prepared with Busha Browne's Jamaican Jerk Honey Barbeque Sauce.

Already completing export orders in the United States, Garbutt says the mild seasoning is currently available at Loshusan, John R Wong and Lee's Food Fair, and will expand to other supermarkets and gift shops islandwide in the coming weeks.

So you can get your (mild) jerk on for the holidays!

For those who don't want their jerk too spicy, Walkerswood Mild Jerk Seasoning is right up your alley.


PORK DONE RIGHT! Succulent jerk pork, cooked in a rectangular Cuban box with heated coal atop it, with Walkerswood hot and spicy seasoning.

(Photos: Marlon Reid)
Source: Jamaica Observer

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