Featured Farmer

“Jamaica boasts a rich Agricultural heritage with several of our native offerings being highly prized in the Global market – Blue Mountain Coffee beans, Cane Sugar, Scotch Bonnet Peppers and Ginger to name a few.

As an agrarian society, we recognize a true unsung hero, the very backbone of the Jamaican society and the foundation upon which we must reshape our economy – the Jamaican Farmer!

Our Walkerswood products were created around the bounty of Jamaican spices, fruits and vegetables. We utilize a network of over 1,000 individual small farmers island wide to keep us supplied year round with our fresh produce and spice requirements. As such, we recognize that our success going forward is inextricably tied to that of our Farmers and their continued resilience.

We salute the Men and Women who wake each day long before the rising sun, toiling throughout the heat of the day, working through the ever changing moods of Mother Nature to feed our nation and to continue to grow and spread the foods of Jamaica around the globe – THANK YOU!”

In our attempt to further highlight the role that our valued farmers play we plan to feature a different farmer each month, giving them the opportunity to share their story with Jamaica and the rest of the world.


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