Featured Farmer - Ralden Bellanfante

Mr. Bellanfante grows escellian for our company which is used to make ALL our JERK products – Thank you! PLease see an excerpt from his letter sharing with us all his passion for farming and his desire to contribute to the betterment of Jamaica.

I Ralden Bellanfante is a 44 year old husband and father who has been a farmer in the rural area of Cheapside St. Elizabeth for over two decades. I operate on 10 acres of land but only 5 of which is presently used for farming pratices.

Click here to view the full text of Mr. Bellanfante's letter.


Ralden BellanfanteMr. Ralden Bellanfante proudly displaying his escellian in the field – Cheapside, St. Elizabeth

Bellanfante farm
field of escellian in Cheapside, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

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