Featured Farmer - Hopeton Coombs

Meet Hopeton Coombs a.k.a. “Micey” Hopeton “Micey” Coombs inside his greenhouse with the largest Scotch bonnet plant we have seen to date…Wow!

The frame work for one of several new green- houses being erected by the Walkerswood Pepper Farmers Cooperative

  • Hopeton is the single largest Pepper Farmer involved in the Walkerswood Farmers Cooperative with over 20 acres under cultivation.
  • When we caught up with Hopeton he was part of a work team putting up additional Greenhouses for several members of the Cooperative.
  • Hopeton is 50 years old and has been farming for 22 years in Walkerswood. He grows Yellow and Red Scotch bonnet peppers and sweet peppers for our factory, which we use in the following products:
    • Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning, Marinade and Jerk BBQ sauce
    • Walkerswood Jonkanoo and Scotch bonnet pepper sauces
  • We asked Hopeton to tell us the secret behind his success? He says that Walkerswood has excellent rich soil supported with good annual rainfall which leads to great growing conditions. Another advantage he claims is the close proximity to our plant which provides him with a guaranteed market for his Scotch Bonnet yield.
  • When asked about his plans for the future, Hopeton says he plans on continuing with his farming as it is more a lifestyle than a job! He is currently working on growing Yellow scotch bonnet peppers in a greenhouse environment to increase his production capacity for this highly prized ingredient.
  • Thank you Hopeton!



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